Russian Cruisers and Radar


here are some quick thoughts on Radar and Russian cruisers.

Russian Cruisers

Overall it is a interesting line, since it has a new playstyle. The general flavor is having good AP and HE shells, while also getting very long range. Sounds like a better version of German cruisers ? Not exactly, the Russians have quite bad concealment and are very weakly armored. Granted, the Germans aren’t well armored by any stretch of the imagination, but they are at least concealed quite well.

Overall I think it’s a new interesting line, that will have its lovers.


A very good addition to the game. Actually DD’s have to adjust their playstyle to radar, thus making it much more interesting. I’m really enjoying that addition quite a bit, and I’m sailing DD’s.  Actually US are probably most challenged by that (except Gearing), Russian DD’s can stay out of Radar range and still shell targets, but their concealment isn’t that good after all.

Now, did that solve the torpwall problem ? I don’t think so. The problem is that a lot of DD’s just have too much Torp range. Shimakaze gets 20km, Gearing gets 16.5 km, while Radar cannot reach as far. Granted the Radar ranges are pretty sweet like they are, because lower Tier DD’s have to go close to that in order to fire their Torps.

What would be nice ?
I’d like to see especially Tier X torp ranges reduced and balanced around Radar ranges, so that DD’s have to take a risk in order to drop their torps, similar to a Benson’s 9.2km torps facing New Orleans 9km radar range or Chapayev’s 9.9km radar.

But Benson has guns, Jap DD’s don’t – Well no, high tier Jap DD’s also have guns and they are getting better torps in terms of damage and speed anyway.

I think Radar is the way to go and makes the DD life much more interesting, so thanks for that and let’s see further improvements!

World of Tanks Update 9.14

Patch 9.14 brought some interesting changes to the game, well to be honest it were only 2 important changes, one effecting gameplay while the other was just cosmetic.


A new physics engine was added to the game, thus introducing a new feature namely a handbrake, which allows fast tanks to do U-turns pretty fast. That is an interesting change for light tanks and allows them to pull of some crazy maneuvers. It’s also possible to flip your and enemy tanks, which opens up some interesting possibilities overall. The best thing about this is the fact that there are no hard borders at the terrain anymore, which made your tank instantly stop because of an invisible wall. Overall a good change I guess, however also a lot of light tanks will probably flip themselves now.

New Sound engine

That’s right, we have new sounds. It makes the game more immersive and gives overall a better experience. While I think the new sounds make the game more enjoyable to play, I’m also sharing the opinion that there are more important things in terms of gameplay and balancing that should be addressed.

New minimap featueres

Now you’re minimap gets 3 circles:

  • The maximum view range in the game (white)
  • The view range of your vehicle (green)
  • The render range of the client (yellow)

Pretty nice – it seems like they are integrating all the things players appreciate from XVM.


IS-6 HD rework brought a buff to the vehicle’s armor. So overall it’s now even stronger, I think the old IS-6 was strong enough, but hey why not.

Also the E-25 is in HD now, with no changes to it in terms of gameplay.

Even more tanks have been reworked, but nothing major happened.


See you on the battlefields!

Project R and WoWs 0.5.3

Project R

Actually I was quite surprised by Project R, because it was a really good grind for a pretty good premium ship. I really like the fact that these missions where quite easily doable if you are a somewhat frequent player. Comparing that to WoT mission grinds it was much more enjoyable, because I didn’t have to play every single day to get it. Granted, it was just a Tier V reward and not a Tier VIII and I’m completely fine with that since you didn’t have to put as much effort into it. In fact I would like to see more of those “easy to do grinds for somewhat frequent players”. This shouldn’t mean that you shouldn’t offer Tier VIII grinds at all, since those are rewards for hardcore players and appreciated by them, but it would be great to have every now and then something like Project R for frequent players that don’t want to play every single day in order to get it. The weekly missions took me about 2 days to get them done each week. Great mission grind WG!

The reward is a double edged sword. I like the reward quite a lot and it is a good reward, however people that bought the Fujin package might be a little bit upset, because the spent real money for a ship that they could basically also grind – without knowing that at the point of purchase. Well at least you have 2 premium ships now…

Update 0.5.3

The recent patch brought a lot of cool new things. The most important ones are new/rebalanced captain skills and Team battles.


According to the WoWs forums there are some balancing issues of teams, like one having no CV while the other team has one, so balancing needs to be changed. Sadly I don’t have a team (yet) so I don’t know about gameplay, but it looks very interesting to me.

Very good point: You can join up to 3 teams, which is great.

Captain Skills

Advanced firing training doesn’t effect 155mm guns on cruisers anymore, so they don’t have much range, which makes them easier targets for enemy BB’s. I don’t think it’s a bad change overall and I want to see how it affects gameplay in the long run, but there are some things that worry me. It leaves a bigger range gap between cruisers and battleships. If friendly BB’s decide to engage at long range, cruisers won’t be able to give AA support unless they just want to play that role. In fact you are even more dependent on your BB’s.  On the other hand, cruisers have pretty good AA (Cleveland as an example) and therefore probably won’t use AFT and use DE instead, because shooting down planes helps you win, but doing damage helps you getting (more) credits and XP. And usually cruisers are good enough to dodge incoming carrier strikes rather effectively.  We will see how the game is effected by that.  Funny sidenote: The Mikhail Kutuzov enjoyed a buff, so her guns are now exactly as they would have been with AFT and BFT. Oh and some DD’s of the same Tier will be able to engage cruiser at almost the same range as they can fire back (Cleveland – Ognevoi).

The Torpedo Acceleration skill is also kinda “bad”, not because it is OP just because you can’t select it to be active. But why Necro ? Let’s assume you have a Shimakaze with 15km torps, your torpedo range will drop to 12 km, which still allows you to stealth torp (7.6km detection range) while having 5knot faster torps.  Now you want to train your Shimakaze Captain in your Kamikaze R, which has 7km torpedo range and 6km detection range. This skill reduces your torpedo range to 5.6km – haha funny – no stealth torping anymore. Seems like some ships won’t be able to be Captain trainers anymore, but hey just go and buy a new one lel!

I’m very pleased with all the other skill changes so far, they actually allow some variety and different Captain builds for different ships. Overall a good change to the game!

See you on the 7 seas !


Wargaming vs – Some thoughts

I’ll dare to go over this topic.

First of all we have to be aware that World of Tanks (WoT) and Armored Warfare (AW) have different market positions. Obviously this leads to different strategies applied to the products.

Market positions

WoT was basically the first free to play tank game, therefore they didn’t have competition at all. The benefits are quite straight forward: You can bring a product to the market that is exactly what you want it to be. However, on the other hand it is also very risky. Will the product be accepted ? How big is the market ? Potential customers ? Is there a market at all ? Obviously WoT got it right and proved us that there is a rather huge market for tank games and now WoT is THE tank game out there having a massive market share. Usually when you discover such a new market it doesn’t take long till first competitors arrive that are offering something similar to your product.

In theory one should also talk about Warthunder tanks, however I think AW is more like WoT then Warthunder is, so I’ll take AW.

AW is the new kid on the blog. Well is not exactly new in the games industry, they already have quite some games in their portfolio, but AW is their first tank game. This also means that AW doesn’t have to make profit immediately in order to survive and the main focus is to gain market shares, while other games could fund AW in the meantime.


Since WoT isn’t loosing massive amounts market share at the moment, they’ll stick with their strategy. However examining closely you can already see first changes in Wargamings overall behavior.  They are getting more transparent and are explaining what problems they have to fix and how they want to do that. In fact they are acknowledging that they are aware of the main player concerns and are working on them.

AW is going a quite traditional way: They’ve differentiated their product in some ways (Artillery mechanics, modern tanks, ..) and are trying to increase market share by tempting offers like unlock-able premium vehicles, good premium vehicle packages, lotteries, giving away rumored WoT tanks for free (Type 59) and so on. Since AW is a new product, devs are eager to make it an awesome product and are listening quite closely to the community and they were able to come up with good results, like the artillery class.

Premium things

I’ll go and distinguish between premium time and vehicles in this section, nothing more nothing less. At the end I will talk about packages in general.

Premium time

So one month of premium time is about 9.44 € at AW, obviously that can vary depending on the package you buy. I’ve chosen the 2750 gold package for 11.29€ and “purchased” one month of premium for 2300 gold with that. 2300 gold are the equivalent of 9.44€.

One month of premium at World of Tanks is 9.95€ and I do not have anything else, just one month of premium time.

But here is a thing you should consider: AW premium time is just AW, while WoT premium time can be used at World of Warships and World of Warplanes. In fact you get a premium account at three different games for 9.95€.

Premium vehicles

I’ll take the ICE packages from AW for comparison here.

Let’s start of with Tier V: AW offers Tier V for 6.82€, while WoT offers Tier V vehicles for 7.35€. Considering that the AW vehicle is also a limited edition, AW clearly wins.

Tier VI: AW – 14.77€ while WoT: 14.57€ on average. Limited edition vehicles are usually just available in packages that are around 20+€. In general WoT vehicles are cheaper, although it depends which vehicle you purchase. Most expensive Tier VI WoT vehicle is 15.55€.  Considering that the AW one is a limited edition, I’m gonna give that one to AW as well, although it is highly dependent on what the player is looking for. Further note: Most recently introduced Tier VI vehicle in WoT costs 15.35€.

That one is a little bit off-topic but I want to mention that. Since AW is in general offering cheaper/better premium things, WoT is also slowly changing in it’s premium policies. Best example are Tier VIII mediums. While Tier VIII in general cost you about 40€ they are getting cheaper, nowadays you can get on for <30€. So there’s a shift going on. I’d also like to point out that this change happened already before AW. It seems like Wargaming is reacting and adjusting prices for the EU so everybody can afford higher tier premium vehicles, or at least that’s what I hope they’ll do.


A package contains by it’s definition a set of things one could also get on it’s own. AW completely understood that.

ICE Package:
All ICE vehicles + XP/credit bonuses for 1 week. Also you could just buy the ICE vehicle you want, instead of the package.

WoT Packages:
In order to get a new/special premium tank you had? to buy a package containing things you do not necessarily want. Getting the tank alone ? nope. A couple of years later it seems like Wargaming finally understood what a package is and promised to offer just the tank and the tank in a package with some other stuff.


While AW is providing better offers in general but Wargaming still has some things going for them (Premium account for 3 games, variety). One thing that has to be considered is that AW is trying to gain market share and tries to lure players with cheap and unique things. If you really enjoy AW there’s no better time to invest money than now. However it has to be seen if AW will/can sustain that policy or if the prices will shift. Also the difference is not that significant overall, but the offers seem to be more tempting.

Wargaming on the other hand is addressing the issues of highly priced packages and is also adjusting prices.

I would assume that AW will always be a tad cheaper than World of Tanks and offer more special things, just to make the customer feel more special (ICE, MERC). I do also think that WoT will get more attractive to throw money at Wargaming and provide more interesting offers.

Back to warships!


I’m back playing warships. I got into closed beta back in the days and somehow wasn’t that satisfied with warships. Also considering that my account got wiped after closed beta I wasn’t motivated to re-unlock the ships I’ve already had. Lately I’ve decided to give warships another go, just to see what has changed and if the game got better. And I was also interested in German cruisers.

Overall I feel like the game is in a quite good state so far and it is fun.

Coming from World of Tanks I have to say that probably one of the reasons why I enjoy it that much is the community. People are so much more friendly in warships! Fair enough you have the trolls and haters, but you also have kind people that acknowledge when you’ve played well.

In terms of class balance it seems pretty fair, each class has got another class that can wreck it.  Also there’s no class that can wreck every class reliably. That’s pretty good after all, since each class has some unique flavor to it. However this also implies that team work is important. Or at least it is important to play your class how it is meant to be played.

The only thing I find a little bit “strange” is anti air. It is completely AI controlled and I would like to see AA being more effective on some ships. Fair enough, you shouldn’t be able to wreck a whole squadron easily with most ships, but at least kill some (one) of them. Especially when having a higher tiered carrier on the enemy team AA becomes kinda strange. I do find it quite questionable if a squadron should be able to fly around 2 or 3 ships with kind of good AA rating (for it’s tier) and not loose a single plane in the process. Luckily that’s not always the case and you can dodge aircraft attacks reasonably well if you pay attention. However I would like to see some kind of more interactive AA. Currently the most interactive AA you get is where you can activate a skill that throws the aim off of attack aircraft and increases AA efficiency temporary.

Oh and on a final note: No, the fact that I’m enjoying warships at the moment doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped playing World of Tanks.

The adventure begins:

See you on the 7 seas !

World of Tanks Update 9.13

I’m late, sorry – but I had to grind some Czech tanks and I’m also back to World of Warships, which I enjoy quite a lot at the moment. It’s really interesting to see how much changed since closed beta back in the days.

Czech Tech Tree

The most interesting thing about that patch are probably the new Czech Tanks. Tier V and VI are very enjoyable to play I have to admit. Especially the Tier VI one is really interesting, reminds of the Cromwell and that is a very good tank. Tier VII and VIII are different, since you loose gun depression and the auto-loader, which is kinda strange since the Tier IX and X are all about lower pen but a “new” auto-loader, which makes this vehicles kinda unique and interesting.

Tank buffs

The T-44, T54-Prot. and the SU-100M1 got a penetration buff on the UBR-412 shells from 175 to 183mm. That isn’t a huge change but a interesting one, since it looks like the 100mm guns are getting kinda of similar (looking at china). Now what that means is that the China-Tree is about getting more penetration for more aim time. So that change leaves China somewhat even more behind and completely obsolete in terms of medium tanks looking at tier VIII. The T44 has 183mm of pen with 250 alpha 0.35 accuracy and 2.3 seconds aim time, while the T-34-2 gets 181mm of pent, 250 alpha, 0.39 accuracy and 2.8! seconds aim time. Granted the 34-2 gets a much better turret but looses 2° of gun depression.  That’s just a slap in the face for Chinese tanks.

(I’m leaving the Type 59 vs T-54 Prot. comparison on purpose )

The Pershing got a penetration buff on the 90mm as well, from 180 to 190mm.

The T69 got also a pen buff from 173 to 181mm, I didn’t feel like that this was needed, since the T69 was good anyway because of the auto-loader and you had to choose wisely what to shoot at. Well it just got better!

M48A1 Patton – this tank really needed some buffs, and finally it got some. I’m really happy to see that happening, especially since the Cent AX rendered the Patton completely useless. Now the Patton has an amazing 1.9 s aim time, 8.35s reload and 33% less dispersion on turret rotation – The king of snapshots is back!

The PTA also got buffed, 10% less dispersion on the move, aim time reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 seconds and a better reload of 10.3 s. Amazing ! +50 HP, and -12% dispersion on turret rotation are also included in the package. Seems like the PTA is now much more similar to the Leo1.

HP buffs for heavily TD’s are also included like the Jagdtiger, Ferdinand, T95, T28 – In general a lot of vehicles got rebalanced in terms of aim time and reload, so I’m just talking about the important ones here (yes I’m lazy).

The Lorrain’s 100mm also got better aim time, now it’s 2.5 seconds, which is a 0.5 second increase.

I do guess that these buffs are the result of accuracy changes a while ago.

113 and 121 from China also got rebalanced, they are getting more gun depression and some better soft stats, nothing huge though. The 113 gets 5 instead of 4° and the 121 3,5 instead of 3°.

What is interesting though is that the WZ-132’s 100mm got a reload buff which brings it closer to the T54 LW – great!

New map

Pilsen is in the game, it has a city area and an open area. Didn’t play it yet though. In general I think that the map is not that surprising and it won’t become my favorite.


See you on the battlefields!

World of Tanks Update 9.12

New patch arrived quite some time ago and I was too lazy to write something about that – shame. But I have a very good reason for that: The patch brought the Centurion Action X which I enjoy playing a lot.


28 New HD Models yaay.

T82 and T18 are now artilleries and got replaced by the T56 GMC and T3 HMC.

The FV4202 got replaced by the Centurion Action X. Hooray a very good Tier X british medium in the game now. Actually this thing is really worth playing, it has speed, it has a very good / reliable gun, good reload, gun depression. A very nice package, well done! That change also influenced the heavy tank line: Caernarvon’s top turret is the one from the Action X and the Conqueror’s first turret is also the one from the Action X.

Jagdtiger 8.8 got a speedbuff from 28 to 38 kph.

Other than that nothing really special has happened.

Rampage, steel hunt, domination

Final version of rampage got introduced. The missions for the T-22 sr are out as well, which are steel-hunt and domination specific. Yeah another bunch of missions you can do and get overly frustrated while trying to get that. The reward tank is considered OP, just as a hint. Personally I’m not sure if I want to go through that.

Technical stuff

Various improvements to the game engine caused a lot of trouble on release, but now it seems to be fixed, however still not completely. Nice improvements :P.

Render range got changed from square to circle, which makes sense. 564m radius is used. You can now see tanks on spots you couldn’t see before and vice versa. I like that change, brings a new flavor to the game after all.

New interface for purchasing Camo/inscriptions/emblems. I like it, it looks much more “clean”.


South coast got removed. Added special effects on various maps, I guess that’s referring to the artillery salvos while battle count down.


Not much interesting stuff, really. The 9.13 testserver is already up, which is intruducing Czech tanks. I think I’ll love the Czech IX and X meds. However, everything else looks kinda meh.

Also: There will be Ace-Tanker December on my channel, a month full of Ace Tanker, keep an eye out!


See you on the battlefields!

Twitch as a business

Twitch is one of the most well known Livestream websites  on the internet. Therefore a lot of people are interested in being a Livestreamer and want to make their living out of playing videogames.

We’ve all heard about people who became rich over night on the internet. We also see people who are really successful on the internet, be it on youtube or twitch. The good thing about it is that everyone can do and it is easy, because you can be a Livestreamer in about 5 minutes and start your business right ? Looking closer you might figure out that it is not that easy after all. So what do you have to think about when venturing into being a Livestreamer ?

Technical setup

The first thing you have to sort is your technical setup. Keep in mind that you try to do this as a profession, so you should also be professional about your setup. There are a couple of things you have to take into account:

  • Internet connection speed / video quality
    Nowadays people are expecting to watch Livestreams in a good quality, which means you should at least provide 720p. Depending on the game you’re livestreaming, 720p might not be enough. If there is a lot to read on screen 1080p is recommended. In fact you should aim for 1080p straight away to provide good video quality.
  • PC
    That is quite obvious right ? Get a good computer that is able to handle a Livestream and running the game at the same time. In fact all decent gaming PC’s should be able to do so, but please do not use a 5 year old laptop.
  • Microphone
    It is expected that you interact with your viewers. The most common way is to talk to your viewers, which is also expected by your viewers. Please get a decent microphone in order to do so. They are not that expensive after all, in fact you can get quite suitable ones for 60-70€.
  • Webcam
    You could do without a webcam, especially when you are just starting and you are a little bit shy and don’t want to be on camera. However if you do not want to show yourself to your viewers, this job might not be for you. If you plan on using a webcam please get a decent one with good video quality.
  • Streaming software
    Which software to use ? There is a couple of selections out there. If you want a free tool you might want to look at OBS, which provides good enough results. As an alternative you might want to look at XSplit, which also offers a free version but there are limitations to that (e.g. watermarks) – be ready to pay.

Livestreaming yaay

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World of Tanks Update 9.10

Update 9.10 hit the live servers, yaaay.

So whats new ?


The big thing about this patch are the brand new Japanese heavy tanks. There’s a complete branch of new vehicles starting from tier II ranging all the way up to tier X. I guess the earlier tiers are not that great overall but once you hit Tier V it’s getting interesting.  Although the Tier V one is just very big it lacks a little bot of armor overall but therefor gets a very nice hard hitting gun. I think Tier VI is probably one of the more interesting vehicles (KV-2 like interesting :D) followed by tier VIII (dpm!) and tier IX, but thats just me.

20 more tanks got HD’d – nice. The more interesting ones are the T110E5, T71 (now known as T71E1), Leo PT A and the Type 59.

The Jagdpanzer IV, while also in HD now, lost its derp gun the 10.5cm Stu. H.


New map distribution is available, which is tier dependent, yeah y not.

Hidden Village, Pearl River and Province got removed from Random battles – yaaaay. I hated Pearl River anyway. Hidden Village was kinda ok but still not very good.

Redshire got some new features (ancient fortress) and the river bed got reworked. We’ll see how usable these new features are.


Hang ups and crashes fixed, we will see how well they got fixed.

Performance optimizations and new map loading screens (kinda better looking now).

Camo patterns got optimized as well, so camo should theoretically look better on your tanks.

Theres a garage tutorial for new players, the tutorial itself didn’t change.


The mods I’m using (xvm, servercross2, locastans stats) are already working for 9.10 very well, yaaay.

However the guys over at reddit provide a very good compatibility list, including download links. It is also very nicely structured. Big thank you for that. Here’s the link:


See you on the battlefields!

World of Tanks Update 9.9

New version available, yaaaay.

New game mode

A new game mode named Steel Hunt is available. Basically it is a free for all mode, which I think is quite funny. In general I like what wargaming is doing here by introducing some fun-modes where you can just drive around and have a good laugh. Respawns are available as well. However one small thing is quite annoying: Since those modes use a different version of Tier X vehicles which are already in the game you cannot really use this mode for training your crews. I do not want to retrain my crew to this vehicle and everytime I want to play to standard version in Tier X I have to retrain again. It would be nice if this vehicles could be like premium tanks where you can train your crew in.


The Aufklärungs Panther (Aweful panther) is gone and got replaced with the Spähpanzer SP I.C. Actually the Aufklärungspanther was somewhat special and outstanding, which made people like it or hate it but in general there wasn’t much wrong with it. However the SP I. C seems to be not so special: It got an 3-shot autoloader quite high penetration, good alpha and no armor. Seems to be a fun vehicle but it isn’t that special (In my opinion). I’m missing the Aufkl. Panther already (Ram the enemy scouts ! ARRR).

M46 Patton got buffed: Improved gun handling (once more). Maybe I should rebuy it and give it a ride since the M46 was actually a very good tank when I’ve played it.

M48A1 Patton got also improved gunhandling: Better accuracy on the move and in general.

STA-2 got a mobility buff, aim time and accuracy on turret traverse got also buffed.

STA-1 got dispersion reduced on turret traverse as well.

Type 62 got buffed. Better accuracy on the move and on turret traverse, better crossing capacities and a better rate of fire. Much needed changes since it was outclassed by every other Tier VII light. Now it is somewhat competitive again.

T-44-122 got a dispersion buff on the move and on turret traverse. Also very interesting: Gun depression got increased by 1 degree (don’t see that happening a lot, usually depression isn’t getting buffed)

Damage models for the following vehicles were fixed: IS-7, Object 260, Object 704, IS-3, IS-3 auto, Object 730, T-54 first prototype, IS-4, 113, 121, Object 268, Object 263, Object 430, 111, IS-8, ST-I, WZ-111.


Swamp got changed. Yes that’s right SWAMP got CHANGED. I’ve played the map already and have to say that it is actually pretty good overall. But it is too early to judge because people don’t know the map yet and playstyle might change over time. However at least there are new possibilities and I do like gameplay on that map a lot more now. No more ridge line camping yaay.

System core

3D Engine got improved. Finally they are working on that. I’ve recently noticed that the engine is much better performing in World of Warships than in World of Tanks and was wondering why. Seems like wargaming has been wondering as well and fixed a lot of things for le Tonks! I do appreciate wargamings effort, however I do also think that performance improvements of your core systems are a very critical aspect for software development, so yeah finally they are addressing some system performance issues with the game.

Also some bugs were fixed in terms of collision models, hang-ups and crashes. Usual bug fixing, thank you.

The sad news is, whenever you are doing big changes to your Core (like the 3D Engine) it is very likely that new (critical) bugs get introduced. This is also what happened in 9.9 and wargaming confirmed that there are some critical bugs that make the game crash. A fix will be available soon.

In general I like the fact that wargaming is addressing performance issues and working on them. If this means that there are critical bugs around for a couple of days that is perfectly fine with me. Keep up that kind of changes, better performance is very much appreciated.

See you on the battlefields!